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Weddell Seal (Leptonychotes weddellii). Eta Island in the Melchior Islands. Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica. © Hal Brindley .com

Weddell Seal on Eta Island, Antarctica.

I photographed this Weddell Seal lounging peacefully along the icy shoreline of Eta Island in Antarctica.

During the several weeks I spent sailing around the islands of the Antarctic Peninsula I photographed five different seal species, but I found the Weddell to be the cutest of them all. They always seemed to wear a smile on their beautifully whiskered faces. They wear attractive splotchy coats over charmingly round bodies and they enjoy lounging on shorelines, unlike the other species which I usually observed on floating chunks of ice.

Check out this adorable face. What’s not to love?

Weddell Seal (Leptonychotes weddellii). Cuverville Island, Antarctic Peninsula. Antarctica. © Hal Brindley .com

Weddell Seal. Cuverville Island, Antarctic Peninsula. Antarctica