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If you love wildlife and nature, then chances are you’ve got friends and family who do as well. But what to do when the holidays roll around and you’re scrambling to find that perfect gift? Never fear! We’ve created this collection of Gifts for Wildlife Lovers that will delight anyone on your nature-loving list! And maybe you’ll find yourself a special gift along the way?

Gifts for wildlife lovers

A selection of our favorite gifts for wildlife lovers

We’ve compiled a varied but concise list of options that can fit any budget, including wildlife books, backyard wildlife watching supplies and travel accessories. For those less-commercial folks on your list we’ve even included a list of non-profit conservation organizations that you can make a donation to in their name!

Every item on this list is something we either own already (and love) or is high on our wish list and we just haven’t got around to buying it yet. So dive in and make someone’s day!


Wildlife Books

This is just a compilation of some of our favorite recent wildlife books. If you are looking for safari books check out our post Books to Take on a Safari.


Wildlife Watching Supplies for your Garden

These gifts will help conserve the wildlife in your yard and help you see what they are up to! From trail cameras, to nest boxes, to birdbaths, there's something here for everyone.

Support Nature by Donating to Conservation Organizations

If, like us, you don't want any more stuff lying around, why not donate to a conservation organization in the name of your loved ones? We have been doing this for a few years, and it is a great way to give meaningful presents. Create koala habitat in Australia, save sea turtle nesting sites, and visit (and support) national parks around the world. Your money can go a long way. Here are a few of the organizations we support.

Travel Accessories

We have a few must-have travel accessories in our luggage that are perfect for the wildlife traveler. Whether camping nearby, or on an international road trip, we always take these items. We even use the inflatable solar lamp in our house. You never know when the power will be out!

Wildlife Photography Equipment

This is the photography equipment that we own, use, and are happy to recommend.

Over 20 ideas for Gifts for Wildlife lovers. From books, to wildlife photography equipment, owl boxes, and donations. Find your inspiration for your next gift here!sigma lens