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Wildlife Destinations

From blue whales to butterflies and from worms to walruses, animals surround us in every corner of the planet. There are more amazing creatures than we can possibly see in a lifetime. And that’s a good thing. Our goal at Travel For Wildlife is to support biodiversity by promoting sustainable wildlife tourism around the world. We write about our experiences, (with occasional guest posts) so this wildlife destinations guide will expand as our travels evolve. Here are some of our favorite wildlife watching destinations around the world. Click any image below to see a list of our posts from that country or region. Dive in and find your next great wildlife adventure!

North America wildlife

United States wildlife
Canada wildlife
Mexico wildlife
Costa Rica wildlife
Caribbean wildlife
Nicaragua wildlife

Africa wildlife

South Africa wildlife
Botswana wildlife
Namibia wildlife
Mozambique wildlife
Chad wildlife
Malawi wildlife

Wildlife posts from other regions

Australia wildlife
Asia wildlife
Antarctica wildlife
South America wildlife
Europe wildlife