Hal and I have had many memorable wildlife encounters. Some have been funny, some have been sad, and some have been incredible. But each one has affected us in some way. We’re going to tell the tale of some of our favorite animal encounters and we want you to do the same!

Have you ever had a wildlife encounter that has moved/affected/scared/amazed you?

We want to hear about it!


This habituated meerkat used us as a vantage point in Botswana

This habituated meerkat used us as a vantage point in Botswana


What we are looking for
  • We want stories that involve at least one wild animal.
  • Tell us how this encounter has affected you.
  • Minimum 500 words.
  • Do you have any photos? Great! (you’ll be credited)
  • If you have a blog, we’ll link to it.
A wildlife encounter will leave a mark on you

A wildlife encounter will leave its mark upon you

What we are NOT looking for
  • Stories involving captive animals.
  • Any sign of harassment won’t be accepted.
  • Are you feeding wildlife? no no no
  • Make sure that the activity you were involved in is legal in the country where it occurred. For example, swimming with wild dolphins is illegal in Costa Rica.


Submit your stories at TravelForWildlife@gmail.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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“Woah. That guy is big. About as big as our boat. And there’s another one. And another one. They are everywhere, slowly circling with their rounded black fins cutting the surface, …”

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