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#VirtualSafari Instagram

Join us on our #VirtualSafari series on Instagram!


Over the past few years, Hal and I have traveled a lot (especially Hal) in search of wildlife. The result of these adventures has been thousands of photos and tons of stories.

And we want to share them with you!

So here is what we are going to do. We are going to relive those trips on Instagram. For each destination we’ll be sharing at least two photos a day for two weeks. Which means that each month we’ll cover two wildlife destinations. Pretty neat, huh? Filled with wildlife, tips, animal facts, and places not to be missed, each  #VirtualSafari will help you create your own trip!

At the end of each month we’ll share the five most popular (likes and comments) images from each destination here on our blog for those of you that are not Instagram. But if you are not, be warned, you’ll miss out!

We are starting off with a bang! Our first #VirtualSafari will take us to our favorite place on Earth to watch wildlife, the Kalahari.

Here’s the schedule for the next six months:


1-15 – Kalahari Desert

16-31 – Manitoba


1-15 – Mexico

16-30 – Antarctica


1-15 – Costa Rica

16-31 – British Columbia


1-15 – KwaZulu-Natal

16-31 – Botswana


1-15 – Alaska

16-30 – Kruger


1-15 – Namibia

16-31 – Yellowstone


We are so excited to relive these exciting trips and to share our stories with you! We hope you are all inspired by our posts and decide to visit these wonderful places and creatures for yourself.

Join our Virtual Safari on Instagram!

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