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Last month we started our #VirtualSafari series on Instagram where every two weeks we showcase a wildlife destination with photos, tips, and silly stuff. And we’ve had a ball! This has been a great opportunity for us to go through our photos once again. All I want to do now is to get on a plane to see animals in the middle of nowhere. Who’s with me?

Our first month we dedicated to the Kalahari Desert and to Manitoba. Interesting enough we’ll be back in these two awesome places later this year. In August we are going to Manitoba, and the Kalahari will see us this Christmas.

So, what photos have been the most popular of our series so far? Here are the top five for each wildlife destination. Ok, I had to put 6 in the Manitoba section, as it was a tie.


There’s no place like the Kalahari. This is the corner of the world we come back to over and over again. This is where we feel like we are at home, in the middle of this vast wilderness and surrounded by hundreds of predators.

I wouldn’t have it any other way!







We visited Manitoba together two years ago to go swimming with beluga whales and we even saw polar bears during the summer. Our Manitoba road trip lasted almost a month and I have very fond memories of this beautiful Canadian province.

I even became immune to mosquitoes!

Hal also visited Manitoba one fall when he went looking for polar bears, so the photos of polar bears in the snow were taken then.









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