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It’s that time of the year! If you need some help finding gifts for the wildlife lover in your life, check out our favorite picks for 2013.

A T-shirt That Helps Turtle Conservation

Meet PuraKai, an eco-fashion family business with the goal of keeping the ocean healthy and pure. Their clothing is made in the USA without the use of herbicides, pesticides, GMO’s or harmful dyes. They don’t use toxic chemicals, so there is no nasty stuff  running off of cotton fields, polluting the surf, ruining our beaches and destroying our fragile coastal eco-systems.

FUN FACT: PuraKai means Pure Ocean. Pura comes from the term Pura Vida of Costa Rica while Kai means Ocean in the Hawaiian language.

Their awesomeness doesn’t stop here. They are a member of 1% For The Planet and they are committed to protecting the ocean and the endangered species that live there. With their clothing they support San Diego CoastKeepers and Billion Baby Turtles. For example, for each Billion Baby Turtles T-shirt they sell, they donate $5 to this initiative, launched by SEETurtles. Their goal is to reverse the decline of sea turtle populations.

Check out their Billion Baby Turtles t-shirts here.

Purakai tee

Hal with his new Five Sea Turtles Crew tee from PuraKai

Hal got this t-shirt last week and it is my favorite design. Plus it is the softest t-shirt ever! It is such a great idea, when you buy one of their tees you are not only buying something that didn’t create pollution in the ocean, but you also helped save turtles. It’s a win-win situation!

Roosting Pocket

This Roosting Pocket helps keep the birds in your yard safe from predators and provides refuge from harsh storms, snow and freezing rain. A variety of songbirds uses this “bird bus stop”, like chickadees, wrens and finches.

Made from natural materials (reed grass and cedar roof), this roosting pocket blends with their surroundings making it a perfect hiding place.

Roosting pocket hanging from a bush

A roosting pocket for your feathered friends


Predator Friendly Goodies

Predators are critical to an ecosystem and we believe that people can coexist with predators, even farmers!

By buying a Predator Friendly product you are assured that the farmers believe in coexistence and are using humane predator friendly practices in the running of their farms. These include:

[icon_list style=”check”]

  • [icon_list style=”check”]Learning the ecology and habits of area wildlife
  • Using guardian animals such as llamas, donkeys and dogs to keep livestock safe
  • Protecting vulnerable animals by fencing out predators
  • Timing calving and lambing to avoid predation risk. Lambing in sheds, secure fenced lots or protected pastures[/icon_list]

Gifts include yarn, honey, dairy products and meats.

 Trail Camera

This is one of our favorite gadgets. We have the Bushnell NatureView HD Trail Camera
in our yard and we take it with us when we travel. We have taken our camera trap to Africa where hyenas visited us and we took it when we drove around the US and Canada on our American Safari. We set it up whenever we camp to see what wildlife walks around when we are asleep.

Placing a trail camera on a fence post

The Bushnell NatureView Trail camera

What I love about this camera is its size (our last one was really chunky), and the fact that it has a color LCD where you can view the photos that have been taken, without pulling out the memory card. It used to be a bit of a pain having to take it out and check the photos on the computer before putting the card back in, especially if we had left our camera out on a trail. It works on a hybrid capture mode, meaning that you can set the camera to shoot video and photos each time it is triggered. It will take the photos and then it will automatically start shooting video.

This camera works with 32 No-Glow Black LEDs. This means that wildlife won’t be spooked by the camera as the camera doesn’t emit a flash or red light. They’ll never know you’re watching! The downside is that the quality of the night photos and video is not as great as the ones taken during daylight.

This video of a mother bear and two cubs was taken with our Bushnell NatureView camera trap in the Great Bear Rainforest, Canada.

UV-Light Flashlight

Now, this is a fun gadget! Did you know some animals glow under black light? Spooky! I got this flashlight last year for Hal so we could take it to the Kalahari Desert and find scorpions at night.

UV light flashlight

UV light flashlight

Our flashlight is a Cool88 41 LED Professional Uv Inspection Flashlight 395-400nm Ultraviolet Spectrum. If you are thinking about getting one, get it with 30 or more LED’s, otherwise the range of the light will be too small and you won’t see much.

CAUTION: do not shine the light at anybody’s eyes (people and mammals). It is very powerful and can damage vision.

We take this light camping, you never know what you might find. We got a huge surprise while camping in the Smoky Mountains and found this millipede one night near our tent! We didn’t know these guys would glow under ultraviolet light!

Millipede under daylight and uv light

Millipede under daylight and uv light

The Gift of a Wildlife Experience

Need  more ideas? Why not give the gift of a wildlife vacation that your loved one will never forget. It is always tricky choosing the right experience, one that is great for both the traveler AND the wildlife. The guys at SEE the WILD specialize in conservation travel. From swimming with whale shark to seeing tigers in the wild, you can help protect endangered wildlife and have an amazing adventure at the same time.

Give the gift of conservation!