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Polar bear mother and cub. Manitoba, Canada.

Polar bear mother and cub. Manitoba, Canada.


Watching wild animals is what we love most, but we have to travel to get to where they live. The more we travel the more we become aware of our impact on the fragile environments we visit. Places like the Kalahari Desert are very susceptible to human visitors and one single action could affect the whole ecosystem.

We try to reduce our impact as much as we can and to inform other travelers about how to be respectful of the environment and the wildlife in the places they visit. However, we felt there was more we could do to protect what we love the most: the wild spaces and wild creatures on our planet.

Gliding through reeds in a mokoro in the Okavango.

Gliding through reeds in a mokoro in the Okavango, Botswana

That is why we joined forces with some of our colleagues in the blogging world, people who we respect for their outstanding work in environmental and cultural awareness through their writing, photography and video work. Together we created EcoAdventure Media.  But we are not just bloggers…

 Who Are We?

EcoAdventure Media was formed by 16 media professionals that together publish 13 leading travel blogs. We are a group of experienced  journalists, travel bloggers, editors, photographers, videographers, podcasters, marketers, social media experts, a travel agent, a sustainability consultant, an archaeologist and a zoologist (that’s me!).

Some of you will recognize the other blogs participating in this initiative,

Each one of us is a leader in our niche. Together we cover all aspects of ecotourism. From family and educational travel,  to cultural, adventure travel and geotourism, to wildlife travel and conservation.

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What We Really Do

We are going to use our vast combined influence to promote sustainable ecotourism, by connecting travelers with companies and destinations that put an emphasis on traveling responsibly. We want to inspire people to travel smarter by making conscious choices that benefits local cultures, conservation, and sustainability.

Not a bad goal!

Kubu Island, Botswana

Helping maintain a wilder future

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