Mountain lions prowl the Rockies

Mountain lions prowl the Rockies

In Yellowstone, a pack of wolves howl with excitement at what the new day might bring, while in the mountains of North Carolina black bears gorge on the fresh blueberries that fill the valleys. In Alaska, grizzly bears feast on salmon, as humpback whales meet up at their feeding grounds off shore. In Florida an endangered manatee and her calf float calmly in fresh spring waters while an alligator emerges from an Everglades swamp to warm himself on a log. A mountain lion prowls the rugged peaks of the Rocky Mountains while a raccoon raids a garbage can in a nearby neighborhood.

When Europeans first arrived in North America a few short centuries ago, they encountered a vast wilderness filled with strange, wonderful, and sometimes frightening creatures. Through systematic eradication, nearly all large predators were decimated from their former ranges, and large beasts like the Bison were annihilated from untold millions to mere hundreds. Yet in the past century, a wave of reform began to sweep across the continent. Attitudes slowly changed and the dream of conservation saved many creatures from the brink of extinction. Thanks to these brave forward-thinkers, there are still wild places in North America where you can experience the awe and magnificence of American wildlife.

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